The Beginning

May 22, 2017 was the beginning of a new adventure. I had dreamed of a place to hold retreats for several years before a horrific accident in which my husband was involved and ultimately left him disabled and in a motorized wheelchair, that dream at last had become a reality.
We viewed properties in Jefferson County on Cumberland Lake and then a link to a cabin on Lake Marian in Sevierville showed up in my email for the little piece of heaven we now call Hidden Haven.  The day we closed on the property was an adventure within itself.   We drove to Jefferson County following our realtor.  She lead us up this hill and down and would ultimately lead us to a street we could not drive down as we drive a ramp van which has been lowered. We attempted to turn down a street to the Mortgage Company and got stuck in the center of the road.  With the sound of metal scraping on the bottom of the van we backed up and called our realtor who was well ahead of us.   She instructed us to go to the Jeffco Pharmacy Parking Lot and she and the agent from the Mortgage Company would meet us.
So in the parking lot of Jeffco Pharmacy we signed the paperwork to close on Hidden Haven.   A true adventure to one of our sweetest blessings.