Crockpot Freezer Meal Retreat

December, 2018
We are off to a great start with retreats here at Hidden Haven.  I think one of the most enjoyable retreats for me was the Crockpot Freezer Meal Retreat.   I have been preparing crockpot freezer meals for a couple of years.  The convenience of just grabbing a meal out of the freezer, letting it thaw the night before and sticking it in the crockpot, turn it on and 6-8 hours later, kabam!!!   A tasty meal is done and there was little work involved to feed my family a tasty healthy meal.
Over those years, I found that I could prepare these meals for ministry as well.   A meal to give to someone who had just come home from the hospital, a foster parent, a new mom, an elderly friend.  Whether the meal is cooked or uncooked for the families to enjoy, it was a blessing for that family and an even greater blessing for me to be able to help someone in need.  At times, I have taken a cooked meal and given them another meal or two for later use.
So, as I have a servants heart and love to bless others this retreat was such a blessing.  I heard feedback from some of the ladies, who did not like to cook by the way, that their families loved the meals. One participant even took a picture of her prepping her meals.  She said her husband would not believe it.  EmojiThere was a sense of pride that those Moms were able to make meals without a lot of hassle and feed their families a tasty healthy meal.  One Mom told me this had been a lifesaver for her.   With our busy schedules, especially Moms, those 10 meals we prepped was just the beginning of making lives easier for those ladies as well as gave some of them a new avenue of ministry to bless others.
We had a great time of fun, fellowship and met some new friends.